The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, Second Edition

Associate professor Michael Spear has co-authored a new edition of "an authoritative guide to multicore programming."

The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, Second Edition, introduces higher level software development skills relative to those needed for efficient single-core programming, and includes comprehensive coverage of the new principles, algorithms, and tools necessary for effective multiprocessor programming. The book is an ideal resource for students and professionals alike who will benefit from its thorough coverage of key multiprocessor programming issues. Along with Spear, its authors are Maurice Herlihy of Brown University, Nir Shavit of MIT, and Victor Luchangco of Algorand.

Spear's research focuses on concurrency, programming languages, and computer architecture, with a goal of making it easier for programmers to write correct, scalable applications.  His focus areas include Persistent Memory, Transactional Memory, Concurrent Data Structures, Memory Management, and Cloud Computing Infrastructure. He and his students have built and maintain several open-source software packages, to include an infrastructure for persistent and transactional memory in C++,  and libLOL/JetLag, a family of cross-platform mobile game development frameworks used by students and independent game developers.