Newly-minted Lehigh Bioengineer doubles down on research in Lehigh's Chow Lab as a grad student

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a better word than "cool." For bioengineering student Natasha Hunt '22—first as an undergraduate, and now as a graduate student—it best sums up her research experience at Lehigh.

"I get excited by so many different aspects of research," she says. "You get to design the project and organize how it goes, then you actually do it and hope it goes great. But the failures are research, too, because when things don't work out, you learn so much."

Hunt recently earned her undergraduate degree in bioengineering from Lehigh. She chose to remain on campus to work in The Chow Lab with the team designing 3D scaffolds to address osteochondral defects—those composed of both bone and cartilage—in the knee.

In this video profile, Hunt discusses her current research into the use of "modular biomaterials" to help repair injuries at the interface between bone and cartilage:


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Natasha Hunt '22 is currently a pursuing a Master's degree with Lehigh University's Department of Bioengineering.