Electrical engineering major is a standout running back and a founding member of Lehigh's Student-Athletes of Color 

RaShawn Allen

"I enjoy taking an issue or observation in engineering and working through it, whether it be calculations or experiments, and using the tools to solve that problem," says Lehigh running back and electrical engineer RaShawn Allen '22. "On the [football] field, it's the same idea. What is the issue we're facing, what are the steps we can take to solve the issue and what processes do we need to develop to take those steps into action?"

Allen is also a founding member of Student-Athletes of Color at Lehigh.

"SAOC is an organization created on campus to build up the community of student-athletes of color," he explains.

"Last year was our initial year conducting meetings. We had important discussions about what's happening in society, and people's responses. We just want to create an inclusive environment for student-athletes of color, which is a small group on campus, but very important to the athletics community and the campus community as a whole."

Video: RaShawn Allen on Student-Athletes of Color (SAOC)

Allen says the group is growing and seeing "a lot more participation and involvement" from student-athletes. 

"Inclusion is very important to me because you always want to feel welcome, even if you're around people who may not look like you, or be from the same cultural background," he says. "Being in an inclusive environment improves your mental state of mind and also improves people's experiences. We want to create the best experience for all student-athletes, and creating an inclusive environment is one step we can take."

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Story by Justin Lafleur, Lehigh Sports Communications