An article published in Soft Matter by graduate student Nan Wu with Prof. Kelly Schultz entitled  "Microrheological characterization of covalent adaptable hydrogel degradation in response to temporal pH changes that mimic the gastrointestinal tract" has been featured in an online themed collection to highlight some of the most popular articles published in the journal, during 2020. These articles for this collection were chosen based on citations, the number of full-text downloads and the article’s presence online through social media or on news outlets.

The collection of these chosen article can be found at the following link: 

 Soft Matter Most Popular 2020

Articles chosen to be included in this collection provide a clear indicator of the high level of interest and impact of the research reported in the article. 

Nan Wu is currently a final year graduate student in CHBE at Lehigh. Her work has focused on the rheology of emerging biomaterials includes covalent adaptable networks and enzymatically degradable scaffolds for design and engineering of controlled, targeted drug delivery vehicles. 

Prof. Kelly Schultz is Associate Professor of CHBE at Lehigh. The work in the Schultz group focuses on the rheological characterization of polymeric and colloidal gel scaffolds. Their work characterizes these scaffolds during material evolution during end-use, which has applications ranging from impantable degradable scaffolds that enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration and comsumer use of fabric and home care products.