Improving naval microgrids with an eye toward civilian application

"A ship’s power system is a special kind of microgrid,” says Wenxin Liu (pictured), an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. “If we can improve its performance, we can apply the same approach to the civilian microgrid."

Microgrids, which are smaller networks with multiple distributed generators, are seen as the way of the future in power distribution, says Liu. They are more flexible (operating in both grid-connected and autonomous modes), customizable, and efficient than traditional, centralized power grids. Plus, they’re less vulnerable to attack.

Liu recently received two grants from the Office of Naval Research, each providing $450,000 over three years, to support his continued work on the advanced control of power systems.

Learn more about Wenxin's microgrid research in Lehigh's Resolve magazine, Volume 2, 2021.