Webinars explore algorithms in supply chain management, use of AI to stop human trafficking

Two Rossin College professors recently took part in Lehigh's Mountain Talks video series, which features intriguing 30-minute conversations with faculty members and thought-leading alumni. Follow the links below to view the recorded webinars.

Larry Snyder: Addressing Supply Chain Risk with Operations Research

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Modern supply chains have evolved to become incredibly efficient, but, as we are all experiencing, are also highly vulnerable to disruptions.  Hear Larry Snyder, a professor of industrial and systems engineering and co-director of the Institute for Data, Intelligent Systems, and Computation (I-DISC), discuss how operations research (OR) models and algorithms are used to design and manage supply chains in an uncertain world.

Dan Lopresti: How Lehigh is Using AI to Combat Human Trafficking

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Computer science and engineering professor Dan Lopresti is helping both the United Nations and local law enforcement combat human trafficking by harnessing the power of AI.