Online classes offer students virtual opportunity to learn from tech industry leaders, tap into West Coast network

The Rossin College and Lehigh@NasdaqCenter are offering two exciting online courses in the Spring 2022 semester that expose students from all programs to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley. The one-credit courses meet from 3-4:15pm ET on Thursdays (see specific dates below) and are open to all students. 

Women in Technology & Innovation (Jan. 27 – Mar. 10)

Now in its sixth year, Women in Technology and Innovation (ENGR 097) is back with new speakers, fresh perspectives, and original ideas. The seminar-style online course, taught by Samantha Walravens, explores the transformative role women play in promoting prosperity and human progress through technology and innovation. Guest lectures by founders, funders, and technology leaders shine a light on the remarkable women who are building companies and products that transform the way we live and work, and who are paving new paths for women entrepreneurs and gender equality.

Disruptive Engineering (Mar. 21 – May 6)

Taught by Robert Abbott, an experienced VC investor and startup advisor, Disruptive Engineering (ENGR 095) is a cutting-edge course that looks at the transformative role engineers play in disrupting industries through technological innovation. The class exposes students to the innovative engineering leaders who have built companies and technologies that transform the way we live and work. The weekly class sessions will feature a number of guest lectures by engineering leaders who will share their stories and experiences on engineering and technology disruption.