Specialty tours are offered on select dates that provide an overview of specific Lehigh engineering disciplines. These sessions are open to all visitors; please arrive at the Admissions Office in the Alumni Memorial Building 15 minutes prior to the tour's scheduled start time. Advance registration is not required. See below for tour dates and times.
See College Tours and Information Sessions for a complete listing of undergraduate tours.
Bits, Bytes, Volts, and More: Computing, Electronics and Systems
Thursday, November 9 at 12:45pm - 2:00pm
Our world is changing at an accelerated rate due to introduction of digital technology. Have you ever wondered what goes into the design of new electronic gadgets, the software that drives them, and the massive infrastructure that supports them? On this tour we will look at Lehigh's extensive work in the fields of electronics, computing and systems engineering. If you're interested in diving head first into the information age, come see what we have to offer.
The Large to Small of Engineering
Friday, November 10 at 12:45pm - 2:00pm
Engineering comes in all shapes and sizes – literally. Engineering innovation occurs at scales ranging from the atomic level to the mega-structural level. On this tour you will see the fundamental building blocks of microscopic engineering – and then see how engineers envision, design, test, and deploy large structures. We’ll also show you mechanical devices that operate on scales in between. Spanning 12 orders of magnitude, the tour provides a glimpse of nano-engineering as well as our facilities for testing bridges and large building systems. If you are interested in engineering the very large or the very small – or anywhere in between – this tour is for you.
Engineering Your Health and Fueling your Life
Friday, November 10 at 12:45pm - 2:00pm
While bioengineering is a blossoming field combining the fundamentals of engineering with the science of biology, Lehigh’s chemical engineering program has a 100+ year tradition of innovation in energy and process design. On this tour we will guide you through our state-of-the-art bioengineering and chemical engineering facilities located on Lehigh’s picturesque Mountain Top campus, highlighted by research labs as well as some of the current cutting-edge research being performed at Lehigh.
November 7, 2017