Baker Institute showcases startups, projects with entrepreneurial spirit on Oct. 22

Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation will host Creativate—its sixth annual celebration of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship—5-7 p.m., Tuesday, October 22, at Lehigh University Art Galleries (LUAG) within Zoellner Arts Center

This event showcases Lehigh students’ startups, projects, and entrepreneurial ideas in an expo-style environment. Guests are invited to engage with the presenters, test out prototypes, and provide feedback to help advance the students’ ideas as they engage in experiential learning.

This year’s presenters offer a range of startups and projects, including many groups with an engineering focus such as:

  • Preff: Preff represents the next generation of social meet-up networks. Food has always brought people together. Everyone has time for lunch and dinner. By posting and letting friends join your lunch and dinner plans, Preff helps you be more social.

  • Hot Car Device: A device that goes inside of a card and detects if there is a child or pet inside of the car and if so, if it is too hot inside for the child or pet. It will then attempt to lower the temperature to a safe range and alert the owner of the car to tell them if the car that there is a child/pet inside of the car.

  • Campus App: An app to help first year students get involved with and stay engaged in activities and organizations that they genuinely enjoy or find comforting early on in their college career, to ease the sometimes harsh transition from high school to college and help them on their journey to discover themselves.

To accommodate the continued expansion of this event, Creativate will be held at LUAG. The main gallery’s current exhibit, “Crochet Coral Reef: By Margaret and Christine Wertheim and the Institute For Figuring,” includes lighting from EcoTech Marine, a company founded by Lehigh alumni that received early support from the Baker Institute. This collaboration is the perfect backdrop for a celebration of creativity and innovation.

 “Each year we are continually impressed with what our students exhibit, especially considering many are doing this outside of their academic courses,” says Renée Baran, innovations program manager for the Baker Institute. “The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep at Lehigh and Creativate is the perfect place to showcase all these wonderful ideas.” 

Creativate is open to the public and last year welcomed over 200 people.

About the Baker Institute

The Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation is Lehigh University's premier organization dedicated to inspiring and educating the next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers. In the course of an average year, the Baker Institute reaches thousands of students and alumni from South Mountain to Silicon Valley.

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