Engineering Impact seminar features chief sustainability officer of Colgate Palmolive

As chief sustainability officer of Colgate Palmolive, Ann Tracy '85 '86 '91G guides the company behind some of the most highly recognized consumer product brands toward practices that encourage environmental protection, social justice and equity, and economic development.

In a recent Engineering Impact virtual seminar, the Rossin College alum and Dean's Advisory Council member gave participants a glimpse into the sustainability efforts and future goals of the global Fortune 500 company, which has 34,000 employees across some 200 countries. 

“The sustainability work that I do is about bringing purpose to Colgate as a business. We do believe we are a purpose-led company,” said Tracy. These types of companies, she said, “are going to be the ones that are more resilient in the future.” 

Tracy also discussed how her Lehigh Engineering education helped position her for success.  

“Engineering is an outstanding foundation whether you want to stick with a very technical path or whether you want to go on a management path or even if you take a path like mine, which I couldn’t have known 10 years ago,” she said. “It teaches you how to solve problems, which is fundamental, and how to make decisions.”

The event, part of Lehigh's Soaring Together celebration of Lehigh women and the impact of 50 years of coeducation, was hosted by Rossin College Dean Stephen DeWeerth.

Watch Engineering Impact: “Engineering a More Sustainable Business World” on the Rossin College’s YouTube channel:

About Ann Tracy

Ann Tracy is Chief Sustainability Officer of Colgate Palmolive, a prominent global consumer products company behind some of the most recognizable brands in the world. In this capacity, she champions Colgate's global sustainability strategy and key initiatives, and has served as a driving force behind the company's leadership and innovation in promoting environmental sustainability and community well-being around the world. She earned her BA in applied science, BS in mechanical engineering, and a master's of engineering degree in manufacturing systems, all from Lehigh.

Ann Tracy

Ann Tracy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Colgate Palmolive

Ann Tracy with group

Ann Tracy (center, holding sign) leads a team noted for achieving aggressive sustainability goals in reducing Colgate Palmolive's impact upon climate and the environment and in supporting its communities.

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