Our Challenge

To continue innovating on campus and beyond, all Lehigh students must be prepared to understand, create and collaborate using emerging data science and computing technologies.

From environmental policy to marketing analytics to connected health to new modes of journalism and entertainment, convergence and connectivity are driving fundamental change across economies, societies and cultures—and redefining what it means for Lehigh to lead at the intersections of disciplines.

Why Now?

Strong demand from students:

  • 163% -- increase in computer science course enrollment over 5 years
  • 24:1 -- student-to-faculty ratio in computer science classes
  • 10:1 -- student-to-faculty ratio at Lehigh overall

Strong demand from employers

  • 1.4 million -- new jobs in computing by the year 2020
  • Only 400,000 -- graduates to fill them

Our Response

The 18 new faculty positions being launched through Data X will enable innovation and education that are true to Lehigh’s core.

This influx of expertise—in computational and data science as well as media and journalism, bioengineering and health, consumer analytics, and other facets of modern society—will allow Lehigh to continue to shine and lead in the fast-changing digital age.

Giving Opportunities

Required investment level to participate in:

  • The Data X Pooled Endowed Fund -- $100,000
  • Named Endowed Assistant Professorship -- $3 million
  • Named Endowed Associate Professorship -- $4 million
  • Named Endowed Full Professorship -- $5 million

More Information

To join us, please contact:

Lehigh University Office of Advancement
(610) 758-2838
(800) 523-0565


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