Resolve Magazine: Volume 1, 2012

Healing Efficiencies

Welcome to the Spring 2012 issue of Resolve—a magazine dedicated to research and educational innovation in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University.

Two years have passed since Congress adopted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and Americans are still conducting a vigorous debate over the best way to provide healthcare and health insurance. Meanwhile, a consensus is forming that systems engineers will play a central role in the effort to reform healthcare, improve its quality and deliver it more efficiently. They measure, analyze and model every aspect of a process to assess its strengths and weaknesses and to learn how its components can be adjusted or altered to work toward a greater goal or objective. The ultimate goal is for the system to provide informative and high-quality care while utilizing resources in the most efficient manner.

This issue of Resolve examines Lehigh’s new initiative in Healthcare Systems Engineering. The initiative consists of two main components: first, a new professional master’s degree program in Healthcare Systems Engineering, and, second, broad partnerships we have forged with all sectors of the healthcare industry.

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Healing Efficiencies

Systems engineers help healthcare refine its processes and achieve a more compassionate bottom line.

When Faster is not necessarily better

Tuning the parameters of adsorption science to make a lighter, more efficient medical oxygen concentrator.

Healthcare's game-changers

Students in a new master’s program examine the entire healthcare system.

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