Interdisciplinary Research at Lehigh Mountaintop

An Interdisciplinary Hat Trick

Very few research funding opportunities are as competitive as the National Science Foundation’s annual Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program. In the 2017 MRI cycle, Lehigh University took three shots on goal—and buried all three in the back of the net.

Inquiry, impact and the value of 'doing stuff'

Traditionally, “mountaintop experience” refers to a life-changing moment of transcendence. In the airy, open spaces of Building C on Lehigh University’s Mountaintop campus, the term has seemed appropriate since 2013. That’s when Lehigh launched the Mountaintop Initiative, a then-experimental program in which students work across disciplines on independent projects and inquiries guided by personal passions and ideas about how they can change the world.

Experience of a lifetime

The photo anchoring a web page for Lehigh University’s Baja SAE team ostensibly shows four impressively large trophies—a collection suggesting a tale of competition and victory. But the picture’s other details suggest an even deeper, more multilayered story. The prizes perch on a hand-built, dune-buggy-like, off-road vehicle framed by roll bars and sporting fat, gnarly tires.

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