Resolve Magazine: Volume 2, 2016

Electrifying Innovation

Welcome to the Fall 2016 issue of Resolve—a magazine dedicated to research and educational innovation in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University.

Lehigh’s “effortless” unleashing of interdisciplinary thinking manifests itself most obviously in our integrated undergraduate and master’s programs, which demonstrate our leadership in innovative approaches to education. These programs allow us to partner with Lehigh’s other Colleges at key intersection points, and sharpen our alignment with issues important to our external constituencies and highly relevant to our graduates and our research agendas. Innovation is also evident in so many other contexts around campus, including the Baker Institute’s constellation of entrepreneurship programs, the intellectual freedom embodied in the Mountaintop Initiative, and a rich spectrum of faculty-led research endeavors that dissolve traditional boundaries to solve grand challenges.

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Trailblazing innovation

Trailblazing innovation

Known for innovating in the world of entrepreneurial education, Lehigh launched its own startup, of sorts, in the summer of 2012. This startup doesn’t produce goods or services. Instead, it turns out alumni who will go on to create such goods and services themselves – or help others to do so – in a well informed and highly innovative way.

Following nature’s lead

Lehigh engineering professors mimic a mega-molecule to improve cardiotherapy

Water sustainability through nanoscience

Lehigh researchers advance healthy, economical water for all

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