Students: Fengyi Sun

Project: Design and Testing of Front-End Circuits for High-Frequency Acoustic Signals

Poster: Vertical (PDF) | Horizontal (PDF)

Institution: Lehigh University

Major: Electrical Engineering

Advisor: Rosa Zheng


To minimize the costs of the front-end analog receiver, a new design process is used to replace the original design that used 2 bandpass filters along with two fixed gain amplifiers. The receiver would be able to receive the small input voltage as low as 2mVp-p. To test the frequency range of this new receiver design and test its performance, numerous design and simulation tools were studied and used to limit the carrier frequency to be 160kHz. This poster would show the attempts made on altering the receiving frequency for a new design that's yet to be proven feasible using a single 8th order band-pass filter as control. The testing results show this new design to be practical and significantly lower in the total costs, which was the major advantage compared with the previous design.

Fengyi Sun

About Fengyi Sun

Fengyi Sun, born in Chengdu, China. I spent the past nine years in the United States as an international student. Junior of the Electrical and Engineering department with Rosa (Yahong Zheng) as an advisor for the underwater communication research, specifically in hardware designs and testing. The hardware boards are relatively hard to debug as hardware malfunction is hard to detect. Plus, soldering and un-soldering took a long time to do, which was one of the biggest challenges. I like to analyze and design circuits because hand-making stuff is satisfying. I used all different tools like Pspice, Itspice, eagle, Altium to draw circuit schematics and simulate to obtain the desired waveforms. Besides engineering, I learned multiple languages. Besides my primary language, Chinese and English, I also learned Japanese and German to read and write. I like to study history in my spare time, especially war histories. I studied WW1, WW2, and cold war histories to fulfill my interests. Overall, I’m always curious about learning stuff and I will learn until the day I die.