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Graduate Degrees offered: M.Eng.

Biological Chemical Engineering (M.Eng.)

The Master of Engineering in Biological Chemical Engineering degree program provides graduates with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of industrial experiences and forms the base for an expanding career in biomolecular and biopharmaceutical engineering. Graduates from this program will have the skills to identify, evaluate and manage cost and performance decisions throughout the major stages of life in large-scale developments in the pharmaceutical and related industries.

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Chemical Engineering is a broad discipline that employs tools from chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology to carry out molecular transformation of low value raw materials to high value final products in a cost-efficient, safe and environmentally benign fashion. Due to this broad-based training in the application of the basic sciences, Chemical Engineers enjoy careers in diverse industries in chemical and petrochemical processing, biopharmaceutical, materials and electronics manufacturing, energy generation and distribution, environmental remediation, process automation and more recently, in new product design.

Lehigh graduate students in the program work closely with professors who are renowned for their research and who uphold the highest standards of research and publication. Lehigh alumni have said that the program has been an important enabler for them to aspire and achieve higher level career positions in technical and management.

The master’s degree in biological chemical engineering is a 30 credit hour program.

Biological Chemical Engineering


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