Graduate School

Lehigh Engineering hosts virtual education sessions to help students like you understand and consider the possibilities of graduate studies in engineering.

Even if you choose to pursue advanced studies elsewhere, these sessions will help make the entire notion of graduate school more transparent and welcoming.

If you think that grad school is even a possibility for you future, check out the links below:

Hacking grad school
    Held Wed 10/14
    Watch recorded session

The path toward PhD
    Held Wed 10/21
    Watch recorded session

Is a Master's degree right for you?
    Held Wed 10/28
    Watch recorded session

Different goals, different paths

For students seeking a competitive career edge and accelerated advancement into leadership roles, Lehigh's Master's programs provide technical, business, and management insight.

Students seeking to expand their skillset in a research lab or career advancement through academic, government, or corporate research may also want to review the Ph.D. Programs section of this site.