Thank you for your interest in Lehigh's 2023 SEI Program. The 2023 SEI program will offer both an in-person and a virtual option during the summer of 2023.  The in-person session will begin on Sunday, June 25th and end on Saturday, July 8th.  Students will stay at Lehigh University for the duration of the 2 week program.  The virtual SEI program will begin on Monday July, 10th and end on Friday, July 21nd.  The virtual program will consist of daily lessons from 10 am until noon and again from 2 pm until 4 pm.  There will also be social activities and other events scheduled between 6 and 7 pm in the evenings.  All three sessions are mandatory each day of the program.  For more information on how to nominate a student to this program, please contact Laura Moyer at ler2@lehigh.edu.

Talented, motivated kids spring from every background, culture, and neighborhood. But not all of them have access to programs or people that allow them to visualize how their dreams can become real.

Lehigh University's Summer Engineering Institute (SEI) is a chance for deserving kids to experience the challenge and thrill of science, technology, engineering and math in a cooperative, team-based environment.

Topics and projects are drawn from across majors and disciplines. It's a lab-based, research-centric approach to learning that provides a glimpse into the world of science and technology through a variety of settings and activities.

Lehigh students and faculty lead these enriching academic experiences, serving as mentors and role models and breathing life into the idea that such a future is within reach.

For high-schoolers from underrepresented groups, many of whom would be first-generation college students, SEI may activate dreams they didn't even know they had.

How students are selected

SEI maintains a partnership with the Lehigh University School Study Council (LUSCC), a consortium of regional school districts that partner with Lehigh's College of Education to participate in executive and professional development experiences and share best practices among key school leaders across the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Districts represented on the Council offer exclusive access to students in our region for whom the program would resonate deeply, and typically be out of reach.

SEI Highlights

  • More than 100 motivated high school juniors and seniors
  • Students selected for participation by school districts across the Lehigh Valley, and beyond
  • Exposure to STEM through collaborative projects, dynamic classroom discussion, and virtual field trips to regional science and tech/businesses and research centers
  • Topics include 3D printing, robotics, nanoscience, earthquake mitigation, bioengineering, environmental remediation, computer science, and more