The technical minor in computer science provides a basic familiarity with software development and programming, computer organization and essential elements of computer science. When the following courses, totaling at least 16 credits have been completed satisfactorily, the minor field will be recorded on the student's academic record.  Effective Fall 2020:

  • CSE 003 Introduction to Programming, Part A (2) & CSE 004 Introduction to Programming, Part B (2) OR CSE 007 Introduction to Programming (4)
  • CSE 17 Structured Programming and Data Structures (3)

Plus CSE courses totaling at least 9 additional credits, for a total of at least 16 credits (approved by the CSE-minor advisor).  EXCEPT CSE 012 Survey of Computer Science and CSE 252 Computers, the Internet, and Society.  Certain special topics courses may also be excluded; see the CSE-minor advisor for details.


  • Many of the courses that apply to the minor have prerequisites. Students attempting to complete the minor are not recused from these prerequisites.
  • CSE 017 prerequisites: CSE 004 or CSE 007 or (CSE 002 and (CSE 001 or CSE or CSE 012 or or ENGR 010)

CS Minor Form Fall 2020

CS Minor Form Prior to Fall 2020 **

Note that this minor is not available to majors in Computer Engineering, Computer Science nor Computer Science and Business.

**Those students that have already started with the CSE 002 and CSE 017 sequence for the minor (and an additional 12 credits of CSE courses), please use CS Minor Form Prior to Fall 2020.