Through a generous gift from the Van Hoesen family, we are pleased to announce the fifth annual Van Hoesen Family Best Publication Competition. The competition is open to all Lehigh ISE department students. The 2019 Selection Committee is comprised of Professors Ralphs (Committee Chair), Takáč, and Scheinberg. 


1. The contest is limited to students enrolled in the ISE department this semester (Spring 2019).

2. The award winner will be announced at the ISE department banquet, May 2, 2019. The winner must attend the banquet. Any potential winner will be consulted in advance to make sure they will attend the banquet. If he/she cannot attend, then they will not be declared the winner.

3. The winner’s prize is $1,000 and a plaque.

4. Submissions in which the Chair of the Selection Committee is a co-author are not eligible.

5. Each student may submit only one paper.

6. A student may only win the award once. Previous winners and this year’s winner will be ineligible in future years.

7. Papers submitted to the contest must also be submitted (previously or simultaneously) to Alison O’Connell for publication as an ISE department technical report.

8. Entries must be submitted by email to Professor Ralphs ( by 11:59 pm Monday, April 22, 2019.

9. Papers must be less than 3 years old. That is, it must be less than 3 years from April 22, 2019 since the paper was first submitted anywhere (to a journal, as a technical report, etc.).

10. Papers should not exceed 35 pages in length, inclusive of appendices and bibliography. Page length limit is based on 8.5" x 11" paper size, 1" margins top and bottom, 11pt Times New Roman or 11 pt Computer Modern Roman font (LaTeX), and 1.5 spacing.

11. Papers with co-authors are acceptable under the following conditions:

      a. Co-authors will be separated into two groups: those entering the contest and those not entering the contest. b. Co-authors entering the contest must be ISE students as discussed previously. c. A Lehigh faculty member must be able to submit a statement verifying that the (co-)author(s) entering the contest have made a significant contribution to the paper worthy of receiving this award. If no Lehigh faculty member is a co-author, then such a letter must be submitted by the most senior co-author. d. Example 1: Two ISE students and an ISE faculty member co-author a paper. Both students may enter the contest and (potentially) share the award. The faculty member must submit a statement verifying the contribution of each student. e. Example 2: A new ISE student wrote a paper last year at his/her previous university with a faculty member from that university. The student may enter this paper. The faculty member at the former university must submit a statement.

12. Software may be entered in the competition. In such cases, the student must submit both executable code and source code. In addition, a manual and/or technical report must be submitted as well. Page length limits described in Article 12 apply to the technical report, but do not apply to the systematic description of functions and their usage, which is to be found in a manual.

13. The current level of the student (i.e., undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D.) will be taken into account by the selection committee in determining the award winner.

14. If any questions and/or issues about these rules arise, then they will be resolved by decision of the committee (Professors Ralphs, Takáč, and Scheinberg) and their decision will be final.