Congratulations to the 2020 Winners!
The Industrial and Systems Engineering Department held their annual Undergraduate and Master’s Research Symposium on May 1, 2020.
Professor Xui Yang organized and facilitated this year’s online event that showcased the exceptional capabilities of ISE’s undergraduate and master’s students, and highlighted the resources and opportunities the department provides to them. The four teams below presented their dynamic research topics:
Team 1: Sean Conway and Yanhze Ma, presented Supply Chain and Reinforcement Learning under the advisement of Professor Martin Takáč and Professor Lawrence V. Snyder.
Team 2: Sudeep Metha and Ved Patel presented Preferential Shift Assignment Algorithm a case study on Linderman Library under the advisement of Postdoctoral Research Fellow Albert S. Berahas.
Team 3: Siner Gokham Yilmaz presented Quantized SARAH under the advisement of Professor Martin Takáč.
Team 4: Sean Conway presented Yellow Fever Vaccine Manufacturing Optimization under the advisement of Professor Robert H. Storer.
The UG and Master’s Research Symposium selection committee included Professor and Chair Luis Nunes Vicente, Professor Martin Takáč, Assistant Professor Xiu Yang and Assistant Professor Karmel S. Shehadeh. This committee has proudly announced the following winners:
Master’s 1st Place: Sudeep Metha and Ved Patel for their presentation Preferential Shift Assignment Algorithm.
Master’s 2nd Place: Siner Gokham Yilmaz for his presentation Quantized SARAH
Undergraduate 1st Place: Sean Conway for his presentation Yellow Fever Vaccine Manufacturing Optimization.
The ISE Department congratulates these students on their outstanding work!