BioE Faculty Spotlight: Taneka Jones

Dr. Jones just joined the BioE department at the end of 2023. We are excited to have her on the team and look forward to building more connections.

Where are you from, where do you call your hometown? 

A few years ago, I had maternal DNA testing conducted.  I'm from Cameroon!

Can you walk us through your educational and work experience/background? What is your story?

I'm a bit of a nerd and love to learn.  I have 4 educational degrees (BS, MS, MAT, PhD) and have worked as an educator, national lab researcher, Medical Science Liaison in Industry and now am a Research Assistant Professor.

What is an early memory you have of actively choosing STEM/science/engineering?

I was in an AP Biology class in high school and impregnated a Sea Urchin!

How did you come to end up at Lehigh University? What is your favorite thing about the institution?

A professional colleague here at Lehigh reached out about a unique opportunity to consider Lehigh U for post-doctoral research.  One of my favorite things about Lehigh so far is the approach to innovation.  The faculty here noted some of my strengths and created a hybrid role for me.

What are some goals/bucket list items that you hope to achieve someday?

I hope to visit ALL of the US National Parks! I love hiking.

What do you like about bioengineering? What has been a favorite memory being in the department?

I like the newness of the field.  I'm just joining the dept, so I don't have a favorite memory just yet.

Tell us more about your work and research. What type of work/research do you do? Are you currently looking for more students to join your team?

I have expertise in 3D Bioprinting of cells and tissues.  Here is a link to a video I created for TED a few years ago about bioprinting that viewers may find interesting:

Didn't know we are at 700K views! I am currently designing novel in-vitro models for uterine tissue engineering applications and will be looking for students to join the team this summer.

What words of wisdom or advice would you give our students who are in the same situation?

My career path has been far from linear.  I would say to dream BIG; I personally am motivated by complex problems that challenge conventional ways of thinking. Be true to yourself- my faith is my lamp.

Any last things to share?

Be sure to actively engage in self-care and take the time to learn who you are outside of academia.