BioE Student Spotlight: Alexander Arteaga

BioE Student Spotlight: Spring 2024


Alexander Arteaga

Where are you from/where is your hometown?

Miami, Florida

What degree type are you pursuing?

MS Bioengineering

What is your specialization, OR, do you have any other majors/minors?

Machine learning in Neuroscience

Why did you decide to come to Lehigh University?

I came for my bachelors because it was a good engineering school and the campus had so much greenery. I came back for my masters because I enjoyed my experience at Lehigh and I knew it would be the perfect place to expand my knowledge.

Why did you decide to study bioengineering?

I was interested in the intersection of biology and electrical engineering. I originally wanted to be a doctor but fell in love with engineering; therefore bio engineering was the perfect middle ground.

What do you want to be/do after you graduate and how will this degree help you get there?

I'd like to continue on to do my PhD and hopefully go on to becoming a Machine learning scientist either in industry or academia.

Share a good experience/memory with a faculty/staff member/peers/or class within bioengineering

I really enjoyed the last bioengineering pool party at Dr. Perry's place. It was the first time I met many of the other bioengineering grad students. Everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming to both my wife and I. We also got to bring home some apples from Dr. Perry's apple orchards!

Share a fun fact (or two, or three) about yourself!

I love kayaking and camping! Especially at places I haven't been to before.

What words of wisdom do you have for current or future students of bioengineering at Lehigh?

Take advantage of all the events at Lehigh!  From career fairs to clubs, its good to take a break once in a while and connect with others.