BioE Student Spotlight: Daniel Jerez

Daniel Jerez

Where are you from/where is your hometown?
Bronx, NY

What degree type are you pursuing?
BS Bioengineering

What is your specialization, OR, do you have any other majors/minors?
Pharmaceutical track

Are you involved in any bioengineering related organizations (both inside or outside of Lehigh)? If so, please specify.
Student body for BMES and NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers)

Why did you decide to come to Lehigh University?
I chose to come to Lehigh University because it was a great school on the east coast that was known for its outstanding engineering program. I also had friends that had gotten in during an early decision that couldn't stop raving about Lehigh and once I saw pictures of the campus I knew I wanted to spend my next four years here.

Why did you decide to study bioengineering?
I always enjoyed science growing up and I found biology to be the most interesting of all the sciences, but I felt that just biology wouldn't give me the satisfaction I was looking for in a career, that's when I started doing research and saw that Lehigh offered bioengineering and that since it was a fairly new field compared to some of the others there was still a lot of unknown and exciting work that could potentially be done.

What do you want to be/do after you graduate and how will this degree help you get there?
After I graduate I want to work with bioreactors, I spent the summer working with a startup company that is trying to create a new design that's more practical for smaller ceiling rooms and I loved everything about the experience.

Share a good experience/memory with a faculty/staff member/peers/or class within bioengineering
During fall semester of 2023 my friend Ahmed and I had to go pickup equipment from our capstone sponsor, as we're walking out, him and I got trapped in a security clearance room they had and the temperature started to get hotter, the security guarded was trying to guide us on how to get out but the door had shut behind us and we just looked at each other as if this was the end, lucky we were just overreacting and had to press the open button and the doors open. That day will forever be a key moment in our friendship.

Share a fun fact (or two, or three) about yourself!
One fun fact about me is that I own over 50 pairs of sneakers, I also didn't know my first name till my first day in kindergarten.

What words of wisdom do you have for current or future students of bioengineering at Lehigh?
Come into Lehigh with an open mind, participate in as many things as you can, don't be afraid to ask for help or to try and make connections. Lehigh has so many opportunities for you to grow as a student and so many of them are found by just talking to other students.

Anything else you would like to share:
Lehigh has allowed me to meet people that will be in my life forever. I've truly made bonds and connections with peers and faculty members and I'm excited to see where my life goes after these amazing four years.