BioE Student Spotlight: Kamryn Li

BioE Student Spotlight: Kamryn Li

Where are you from/where is your hometown?
Taunton, Massachusetts

What degree type are you pursuing?
BS Bioengineering

What is your specialization, OR, do you have any other majors/minors?
Biomechanics and Biomaterials

Are you involved in any bioengineering related organizations (both inside or outside of Lehigh)? If so, please specify.
President of Biomedical Engineering Society, P.C. Rossin Junior Fellow

Why did you decide to come to Lehigh University?
I decided to come to Lehigh to be in a place where I could take advantage of the Lehigh's engineering program and also have the chance of making lifelong friendships with new people.

Why did you decide to study bioengineering?
I have always wanted to pursue a career in bioengineering because I have always had a passion in helping people through designing, creating, and innovating devices and systems.

What do you want to be/do after you graduate and how will this degree help you get there?
I hope to pursue a career that allows me to use all of the engineering principles and leadership skills Lehigh has helped me build. Bioengineering has carved a path for me to be a mentor, a leader, and a friend to the people around me and I hope to continue building connections in industry as well.

Share a good experience/memory with a faculty/staff member/peers/or class within bioengineering
One of the best memories I have had as a bioengineering student was planning and executing the first BMES formal for our organization. It gave students a chance to celebrate their successes and spend time with their fellow peers. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Perry who has taught me leadership and technical skills, and more importantly been a special mentor for me throughout my undergraduate career.

Share a fun fact (or two, or three) about yourself!
I will be running my first 1/2 marathon in March!

What words of wisdom do you have for current or future students of bioengineering at Lehigh?
Take advantage of new connections you make and do not hesitate to reach out to professors and upperclassmen for advice and/or opportunities for your future. Also, do not forget to prioritize your mental and physical health and pursue things that truly make YOU happy!


The above, LEFT, picture is Kamryn in Sierra Leone through the Global Social Impact Fellowship opportunity at Lehigh University!