BioE Student Spotlight: Fall 2023


Seonghan Kim

Where are you from/Where is your hometown:

Seoul, South Korea

What degree type are you pursuing?

PhD Bioengineering

What is your specialization, OR, do you have any other majors/minors? 

Bio/nano molecular modeling and simulations / I have solid background in chemistry, holding a master’s degree

Why did you decide to come to Lehigh University? 

I wanted to do research with Dr. Wonpil Im

Why did you decide to study bioengineering? 

I have a good enough background and experience in chemistry and wanted to extend  my knowledge toward bioengineering field (especially I was interested in nanobio interactions.

What do you want to be/do after you graduate? How will this degree help you get there? 

I want to join industry and the degree will make me become an independent researcher that a research role requires.

Share a good experience or memory within this program: 

All faculty and staff members that I have interacted with are very kind, warm, and helpful. I was at another institution for a while and therefore I can tell that this is an unusual environment (in a good way). Dr. Susan and the department subcommittee were very supportive and informative when I had to change the visa and also to defer the admission. They were also very helpful on other degree-related or class-related items. I am grateful with having such a good environment.

What words of wisdom do you have for current or future students of Lehigh bioengineering? 

You never win if you don’t play.