Victoria Rose Wagner


Where are you from/where is your hometown?

Philadelphia, PA


What degree type are you pursuing?

BS Bioengineering


What is your specialization, OR, do you have any other majors/minors?

I'm a Biomaterial and Mechanical Engineering major


Are you involved in any bioengineering related organizations (both inside or outside of Lehigh)? If so, please specify.

I'm involved in BMES, LU Enable, LU Maps, and LUAMASA


Why did you decide to come to Lehigh University?

I fell in love with the campus and then its rigorous academics. It challenged me in ways that I hadn't been challenged in highschool. I was taught to look at the full picture and not just a narrowed view. It also offered a major that fell perfectly in line with what I wanted to do in life and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to attend. 


Why did you decide to study bioengineering?

It was the perfect blend of biology and mechanics that I wanted. I wasn't limited by my major, in fact having this major broadened my opportunities and knowledge. I have the ability to work with medical devices or go to medical school and everything in between. I have options for my future now. 


What do you want to be/do after you graduate and how will this degree help you get there?

I am hoping to pursue a masters degree in Biomaterial Engineering and afterwards pursue medical school. I want to specialize in Orthopedic medicine, which has a lot of crossover with prosthetics. In my current major I am taught to design such and think about the best ways to do so. It just seems perfect and learning more about the material aspect, I feel, will help me make the best decisions for my future patients. 


Share a good experience/memory with a faculty/staff member/peers/or class within bioengineering

This was during my freshman year, so back when I was a remote student. Professor Tartaglia was teaching BioS41 and I just couldn't get the hang of taking exams online or to not stress during them. I was almost failing, not because I wasn't studying or didn't know the material but due to my severe test anxiety. I met with him and he offered extra help since he knew how hard I was trying. After every lecture he had me write up a summary of each slide and send it to him to correct. He did and the more I did so the more it stuck and I ended up passing with flying colors. He was the first professor to go out of his way to help me and it wouldn't be the last time he did so but that semester left a lasting impact. It helped ease my anxieties a bit and I felt more confident in myself. 


Share a fun fact (or two, or three) about yourself!

I currently know 3 spoken languages (outside of English), I am an avid volleyball player and love working with children.


What words of wisdom do you have for current or future students of bioengineering at Lehigh?

I would tell future students that grades don't necessarily define us. I know that's hard to imagine for the high achievers but there will be classes that stump you and some that you won't get good grades for simply because of a bombed exam. High school grades are weighted so much differently than college ones and the amount of work is not at all equal. Keep yourself focused, build healthy habits and ask for help when you need it. That is how you will succeed and how opportunities will come your way even if you don't have the GPA you want. It doesn't mean you're lazy, it could just mean you don't take tests well or some other reason. I certainly am not a good test taker and that was the downfall of my GPA but I keep going and now am on track to graduate, have a job in clinical research, and can now look at a future where I am pursuing a masters.