Arielle Carr, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering, has been named as a 2024 SIAM Science Policy Fellow. This prestigious program, sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, recognizes early-career professionals committed to advancing science policy and advocacy.

The fellowship provides recipients opportunities to delve into the intricacies of science policy within applied math and computational science. Fellows engage in activities and take on independent projects aimed at furthering SIAM's science policy initiatives.

“As a researcher, my career will always be influenced by science policy, and yet I’m still quite new to fully understanding the advocacy process,” says Carr, who works on iterative methods and preconditioning techniques for large-scale linear systems and eigenproblems. “I’m looking forward to building this understanding during my fellowship, and later extending those experiences.”

As part of the fellowship, Carr will be involved in SIAM’s Committee on Science Policy (CSP), gaining first hand experience in science policy. The CSP convenes annually to interact with representatives from federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. The committee also visits congressional offices, advocating for research funding, graduate training, and undergraduate education in applied mathematics and computational science data science.

Carr earned her PhD in mathematics from Virginia Tech in 2021. She joins a cohort of accomplished professionals from institutions including Sandia National Laboratories; University of Colorado, Boulder; Texas State University; and John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Arielle Carr

Arielle Carr, assistant professor, computer science and engineering