CSB alum is co-founder and CEO of decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform Dolomite

Computer science and business alum Corey Caplan '18 will be one of the featured speakers at SmartCon 0, a major blockchain conference taking place Thursday, May 7, 2020, in Brooklyn. 

Caplan is CEO of Dolomite, a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform he co-founded with fellow Lehigh alum Adam Knuckey ’18. 

The event, billed as the first-ever Smart Contract Summit, will gather “developers, Dapps [decentralized applications] builders, node operators, researchers, enterprises, and the community pioneering the smart contract frontier,” according to decentralized oracle network provider Chainlink, which is organizing the conference. Other notable speakers include Princeton University professor and former deputy U.S. chief technology officer Ed Felten, who served in the Obama administration.

According to a Chainlink news release: “The realization that connected smart contracts will revolutionize the world is solidifying for people around the world each day. Its innovation is already proving evident in the rapid growth of DeFi [decentralized finance] and is being applied by entrepreneurial minds and innovative businesses across industries both new and old.”

SmartCon 0 will feature “world-class speakers who represent varying interests across the blockchain ecosystem” and provide an “opportunity to get a glimpse into the minds of industry visionaries.” 

Read more about Caplan and Knuckey’s work in crypto trading here.

Corey Caplan '18 and Adam Knuckey '18

Lehigh alum and Dolomite co-founder Corey Caplan '18 (left, pictured with co-founder Adam Knuckey '18) is one of the featured speakers at an upcoming NYC blockchain conference, SmartCon 0.