“We are here today in celebration of you all"
The annual University reunion weekend celebration brings out the best of Lehigh spirit through engaging events and endless ways for alumni to relive their glory days. Alumni from years past along with newly inducted grads attended the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering reception to meet and mingle with fellow alums and faculty alike. 
“It was great to see so many smiling alums in the room enjoying each other’s company” says Steven McIntosh, Professor and Department Chair; Zisman Family Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. President Joseph Helble '82, was proudly amongst the crowd, this time wearing his Lehigh chemical engineering alumnus hat, in search of his former college roommate for reminiscing. 
In many cases, this annual campus event serves as the main time dedicated for alumni to connect with one another, and their respective departments. ChBE is changing that thought. “We want alumni to know what we are doing as a department, and to get involved. You don’t have to live locally to give back or make a difference.” The department is creating a new sense of community, and alumni are just one piece of the puzzle. 
McIntosh shared a recap of the latest departmental happenings, along with future plans and opportunities for alumni engagement. Change starts with action. “Every day holds an opportunity for alumni to reunite and connect with the next generations of chemical engineers. It can be as simple as mentoring or giving a class presentation about your present work field and career journey. Students want to hear firsthand from graduates” says McIntosh. Each person is unique, both student and alumni, but with chemical engineering as the common denominator. “Alumni support helps create engaging experiential learning experiences for our students and we want to continue those offerings.”
“Students want to change the world in many facets, and we are here to guide them as part of the ChBE toolbelt” says ChBE alumnus and advisory council member Sean Diver ’89. “All the new things the department has been doing are great and I wish I had them when I was in college. Now we are here to help spread the message. Just look at all the alums gathered in this room, that certainly says something powerful about ChBE. We are your greatest ambassadors eager to get involved.”
McIntosh toasted the alums in appreciation - “We are here today in celebration of you all. Cheers to today and looking forward to the future.”
Save the date for the 2024 reunion .. June 6-9!

Photography by Marcus Smith