Meet Lehigh engineers who have landed exciting jobs and internships at the innovative aerospace company—with skills sharpened in Lehigh's Design Labs

While their experiences at SpaceX have been diverse, Rossin College alum Bryce Cavey ’20 (mechanical engineering) and current undergraduates Mika Kizuka '24 (IDEAS) and Conner Larocque '25 (mechanical engineering) share a common thread: They've all invested time and energy taking advantage of hands-on learning opportunities in Lehigh's Design Labs.

Cavey transitioned from leading chassis construction for Lehigh's Formula SAE team to contributing to SpaceX's Starship rocket development after graduation. Kizuka optimized propulsion check systems during her summer internship at SpaceX, and upon returning to campus, became a fellow in the Design Labs where she can help fellow students with similar aspirations. Larocque developed skills using equipment like CNC machines in Wilbur Powerhouse that were important in work he did in SpaceX's Texas facilities as part of his internship.

"Our mission goes beyond academic instruction," says Brian Slocum, director of the Design Labs. “We are deeply committed to preparing students for the complexities and demands of industry. It's about inspiring them to think like engineers and act like leaders, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow."

Read more about the engineers' experiences in the story, "Engineering Dreams: From Lehigh to SpaceX," on the Lehigh News website. 

Main image: A SpaceX Falcon Heavy booster displayed at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. From Lehigh's Design Labs to SpaceX, Lehigh students say experiential learning inspired them to work on spaceships such as those developed by SpaceX. Contributed photo.

Mika Kizuka '24

DEAS major Mika Kizuka '24 completed a summer internship at Space X in 2023, focusing on optimizing the propulsion check system.