Majid Jahani receives a 2021 IISE Doctoral Student Colloquium Best Presentation award

The ISE Department is pleased to announce that ISE PhD graduate Majid Jahani was awarded Best Presentation award of one of the three tracks of the 2021 IISE Doctoral Student Colloquium for his work titled Quasi-Newton Methods for Deep Learning. The IISE Doctoral Colloquium is a segment of the IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2021, sponsored by the Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads (CIEADH). 

The IISE Annual Conference and Expo is the largest event that brings together field experts, gifted scholars and students to learn about the latest advances in the industry, and it is an excellent forum for collaboration and growth of professional networks.

Majid was nominated for the IISE Doctoral Colloquium by the ISE Department. Acceptance into the IISE Colloquium required a presentation of a virtual poster on May 23. The poster content included a summary of the problem, a unique research contribution, key findings, future work, and answering questions about the work.

The ISE Department is extremely proud of Majid and congratulates him on this great achievement!