Electrical engineering alum Ari Kamlani ’99, senior AI solutions architect and data scientist at AI company Beyond Limits, shares his takes on what’s most exciting—and concerning—about the artificial intelligence industry in an interview published in Authority Magazine.

“It is true that AI can do great good, and it is also true that it can do great harm. I’m generally in the camp that believes AI will do more good than harm,” Kamlani says in the interview. “However, it will require constant vigilance on the part of government, industry, and citizens to place the proper guardrails to ensure the AI does not misbehave and act untrustworthy. While AI development and operationalism has matured in the last decade, this is an area where we still have a lot to grow around.”

Kamlani ’99 is an accomplished leader and technology professional in the AI and machine learning space, with experience in areas such as wireless technology, Internet of Things, and embedded systems. Before joining Beyond Limits, he was a data scientist in the Digital Intelligence group at JP Morgan Chase. 

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