ISE Professor compiles weekly OR, math, computing, and logic puzzles into book
Dr. Larry Snyder, a professor of industrial and systems engineering at Lehigh University, has recently published a book entitled "The Opex Analytics Weekly Puzzle: A Collection of Puzzles Using Math, Operations Research, Computer Science, Probability and Logic."
From the publisher:
"Every week, Dr. Larry Snyder poses a puzzle and challenges our team to find the best solutions they can, often in unexpected and remarkable ways. The puzzles and solutions draw on our team's backgrounds and strengths in computing, statistics, probability, operations research (OR), logic, pattern recognition, and much more. We have been continually impressed and delighted with the range of approaches that we've seen from Opexers.
Now it's your turn! We have gather over fifty of our favorite Weekly Puzzles to flex your brain and push your problem-solving capabilities. This book contains masterfully crafted and richly illustrated puzzles with carefully explained solutions that often include optimization models, Python code, and beautiful visualizations."
Opex Analytics, an AI firm founded in 2013, published the book in December 2018. It is available for purchase on Amazon. 
About Dr. Larry Snyder
Larry Snyder's research interests are in supply chain management, logistics, transportation, and facility location problems, models for decision-making under uncertainty, applied optimization, integer programming algorithms and heuristics, and energy applications, especially smart grids.

In smart grid research, Snyder's research uses tools from operations research to address a variety of related optimization problems, drawing upon his research expertise in mathematical models for supply chain management. His research on stochastic facility location and multi-echelon inventory optimization problems finds natural analogies in network design and storage optimization problems in smart grids. His group is developing optimization models and algorithms for dispatch and scheduling problems within the grid (both for service providers and for consumers) in order to design or react to demand-response programs, pricing structures, and other pricing signals that service providers use to shape load profiles. Another avenue of research involves location and dispatch of electricity storage devices (e.g., batteries) in the grid in order to level both the supply and the demand of electricity.

Dr. Snyder teaches courses in production and inventory control, quantitative models in supply chain management, advanced inventory theory, and operations research. He serves as co-director of the Center for Value Chain Research at Lehigh. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. Dr. Snyder has been recipient of IIE Operations Research Track for Best Paper Award and first place honors in the IIE Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award.


Dr. Larry Snyder, a professor of industrial and systems engineering, has published a book with Opex Analytics.