The Lehigh Alliance of BattleBots (LABB) took part in the Motorama Robot Conflict competition, held February 18-20, in Hanover, Pennsylvania.  

The club was founded in 2019 and currently has about 25 active student members, hailing from a variety of STEM disciplines, including mechanical engineering and mechanics, electrical and computer engineering, computer science and engineering, Computer Science and Business, and population health. Team members create remote-controlled combat robots.

Seventeen students participated in the event, with three robot entries: Asa Wacker (a 30-pound vertical spinner robot), Catch 22 (a three-pound horizontal spinner robot), and Electric Sheep (a 3-pound vertical spinner robot).

According to LABB president Nathan Bowler ‘22, team members prototype designs using paper, foam, and other low-cost materials, and then use facilities in Packard Laboratory and Wilbur Powerhouse—including Solidworks Computer-Aided Design (CAD), water-jet cutters, and CNC machining, to design and manufacture the robots. Testing is completed in a safety box setup on Mountaintop campus.  

Read more about the team’s Motorama experience in The Brown and White article, “Lehigh Alliance of BattleBots club grinding gears at competition,” by Angie Bravo.

Photos courtesy of LABB