This is the highest INFORMS annual award Lehigh's ISE Student Chapter has ever received

We are excited to share that the Lehigh ISE INFORMS Student Chapter has won a Magna Cum Laude 2022 INFORMS Student Chapter Annual Award. In past years, we have won Cum Laude or Honorable Mention Awards. We are honored to be recognized in 2022 at the Magna Cum Laude level. INFORMS is the leading Operations Research society in the country, and this award program is to recognize achievements of graduate student chapters and to motivate them to perform even better.

The Chapter very actively organizes a number of events and activities. Our PhD Student Seminar is held by the Chapter on every Thursday of Fall and Spring semesters, and it provides a stage for PhD students to present their research. The Chapter also promotes tutorials on topics of interest to the student’s careers such as personal webpages and CV preparation. The Chapter supports the ISE Seminar Series by inviting an INFORMS Chapter Distinguished Speaker every semester, which gives PhD students a chance to connect to leading researchers. Moreover, the Chapter organizes various social events every year, including a picnic, a potluck party, a games night, and a secret Santa.

“The credit for the Chapter should be shared with all Lehigh ISE students, faculty, and staff who support and participate in the activities,” says the current Chapter’s President, Qi Wang. “We are lucky to pick up the baton from Mohammadhossein’s team who served the Chapter remarkably well!”

The Chapter’s board consists of 4 student officers (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer). The names of current and past board members are listed on the Chapter’s webpage. The Chapter has also a faculty adviser, currently Professor Frank E. Curtis. The Chapter’s efforts over the years have contributed to the Lehigh ISE graduate environment, stimulating student’s interest and fostering network opportunities.