Mertcan Yetkin contributes to recently awarded open-source software Gravity

The Lehigh ISE Department is pleased to announce that ISE PhD student Mertcan Yetkin was co-awarded the COIN-OR Cup 2021 as part of the team Gravity for his contribution to open-source software development.  The COIN-OR Cup is given annually by the COIN-OR Foundation to the developers of impactful open-source software within the operations research community.

Mertcan was co-awarded for his contributions to the open-source software project Gravity, coordinated by Hassan Hijazi. Gravity is linked to, and implements a free modeling language capable of utilizing COIN-OR solvers such as Ipopt, Bonmin, and Couenne.

“I am honored to be a part of this team, and thankful to have the opportunity to contribute to the operations research community. I had the chance to be involved in the project during my internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory while working with Hassan.” says Mertcan.