A paper written by ISE Associate Professors Frank E. Curtis and Daniel P. Robinson, along with Zachary Lubberts of Johns Hopkins University, has been named the winner of the 2018 Optimization Letters (OPTL) Best Paper Award for their work entitled “Concise complexity analyses for trust region methods.” Optimization Letters is a journal that covers all aspects of optimization, including theory, algorithms, computational studies, and applications.

The OPTL Best Paper Award carries a $1,000 USD prize and a plaque. This year the Best Paper Award Selection Committee included OPTL Editorial Board members Dr. Sandra D. Eksioglu (University of Arkansas), Dr. Jean-Philippe Richard (University of Minnesota), and Dr. Julius Žilinskas (Vilnius University).

The abstract for Professors Curtis and Robinson’s winning paper is as follows:

Concise complexity analyses are presented for simple trust region algorithms for solving unconstrained optimization problems. In contrast to a traditional trust region algorithm, the algorithms considered in this paper require certain control over the choice of trust region radius after any successful iteration. The analyses highlight the essential algorithm components required to obtain certain complexity bounds. In addition, a new update strategy for the trust region radius is proposed that offers a second-order complexity bound.

The ISE department congratulates Professors Curtis and Robinson for their excellent contribution to literature.