Newest episode of podcast explores the move to online learning from a professor's perspective

The latest episode of the Rossin Connection podcast series features Dr. Susan Perry, graduate coordinator and professor of practice in Lehigh's Department of Bioengineering. As the semester comes to a close, Susan shares how she figured out how to teach a lab online, how her students figured out how to build prosthetics at home, and the unusual visitor who crashed her Zoom meeting.

Susan says the thought of teaching remotely—especially teaching labs remotely—was daunting at first, but her anxiety was eased through the resilience and ingenuity of her students taking everything in stride and improvising to overcome challenges. She also has a special message for all you seniors—she gets what you’re feeling right now.

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About Susan Perry
Dr. Susan Perry is a Professor of Practice in Lehigh’s Department of Bioengineering. She received her Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry in 1992, from Penn State University, M.S. Hershey College of Medicine, and spent five years at the National Institutes of Health in its Section of Cellular and Developmental Biology, NINDS. Perry joined the Lehigh faculty in 1999; her research interests cover directed cell migration for application with BioMEMs devices, and cell differentiation and bioactive scaffolds.