- "every dollar helps raise awareness"
Students went bald this weekend at Lehigh University to raise funds for the St. Baldrick's foundation, which stemmed from one student's inspiration - Ben Bowman, a junior in the Integrated Business and Engineering (IBE) program; pursuing a bachelors' degree in both Chemical Engineering and Finance.
It all began when he was just 8 years old at a baseball game when a fellow teammate asked him to shave his head for a fundraiser event. Upon joining Lehigh in 2021, he had hoped to partipant in a similiar, already established event, however, when his search came up empty, he jumped at the chance to create something of his own. Fast forward 12 years later from that game changing play, and he still avidly participates in the shave to save cause, where he is the university's St. Baldrick's lead fundraiser and annual event organizer. 
The campus community gathered inside of Lamberton Hall to support those student volunteers who got sponsors and then shaved their heads to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Bowman said in a prior interview surrounding the event that every dollar helps and is "astounded by people's willingness to just contribute to the great cause". To date the event has raised $14,866 of the group's $20,000 goal. Bowman's campus event in 2023 also yielded over $14,000 in support.
While Bowman's graduation is on the horizon in 2025, he has strong plans to instill the event as a "constant tradition at Lehigh University and just let it grow," just as the St. Baldrick’s started as a grassroots effort 25 years ago, driven by people who believe in helping kids with cancer. 
Didn't get a chance to make the event? Those interested in supporting the cause can still make a donation to the foundation!

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