Lehigh has recently announced the formation of a new college devoted to research and education in health. A variety of engineering faculty are already engaged in projects related to healthcare and medicine.

Here are a few examples:

• Xiaolei Huang (top right) builds image analysis systems that solve computational problems in biomedicine, perception, and cognition.

• Javier Buceta and Paolo Bocchini develop probabilistic models that aid in resource allocation and other decisions related to the global fight against Ebola.

• Xuanhong Cheng (bottom left) has developed a handheld, portable device that allows healthcare workers to monitor the spread of the HIV virus in rural and developing areas—a major advance over costly, lab-bound systems.

• Angela Brown (top left) is fighting the rising threat of antibiotic resistance by thwarting bacteria’s “advance team” from ever reaching healthy cells.

• Brian Chen (bottom left) computationally models molecules in 3D, and writes algorithms that allow medical researchers to compare these features to real-world medical issues.