The Freedom Tower -- and its ties to Lehigh University

For a brief few days, the nation’s greatest debate did not center on affordable health care, same-sex marriage or the questionable talent of Miley Cyrus. It centered instead on height, as in, which state now lays claim to the country’s tallest building.

Frangopol Acknowledged Internationally for Pioneering Life-Cycle Engineering

Lehigh Professor Dan Frangopol was elected to the prestigious Academia Europaea and was conferred an Honorary Doctorate from the Politecnico di Milano.

Lehigh University's Dan M. Frangopol received multiple major international honors this academic year for various achievements during a career defined by excellence, creativity, and passion for teaching, research, and service to his field.

Frangopol Awarded Contract to Help Solve the ASCE Grand Challenge

Lehigh Professor Dan Frangopol and two of his Ph.D. advisees have contributed to solve the Grand Challenge of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the nation's oldest engineering society, which represents 146,000 civil engineers.

"How do ASCE members encourage policy makers and the engineering community to take the long view rather than focus on the upfront sticker price?"