Comments from previous attendees
“I wanted to do something productive with my summer. I sought a challenging program that gives back to me, what I put into it. This was such an opportunity. I wanted to spend two weeks among peers who had spent their lives working as hard as I have, and who have similar interests. There was a real appeal in the possibility of meeting new people and forging lasting relationships. After attending the program, I now know some of the fields of cutting-edge engineering, several of which possess the promise to change society as we know it. I also took away that engineering is a philosophy as much as a career. Earning a degree in engineering means taking on the skills and mindset necessary to solve the problems of the day, as well as accepting the responsibility of dedicating your life to doing so. Lehigh  provided a unique environment for learning. The combination of a residential program, the students present, and the constant academic focus led to the creation of this environment.”
"SEI has impacted my life in many ways. It gave me the confidence that engineering is the right path for me and is something I am passionate about.”
“I was hoping that attending this program would give me more knowledge about engineering and allow me to learn more about my possible future, which it did. I have since then decided that I will major in Biomedical Engineering. To be honest, I learned more about engineering and was challenged to think more creatively through our project work in those two weeks than I had for the majority of the year.”
“SEI not only helped me discover a new-found appreciation for chemical engineering, but also helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities.”
“This experience was an exceptional way for me to gain an edge on other college applicants vying for a slot at my future institution of higher learning. Not only did I gain so much knowledge and experience from Lehigh SEI, but I have gained strong friendships with students my age that have the same interests as me, which is something that I would have never expected.”
“SEI encouraged me to keep an open mind for my future field of study. I did not even realize that I had interests in certain fields until the professors enlightened me with all of the different directions a certain major could take.”