David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium

Meet the competitors of the 2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Nora Abbott, Sean Brown & Ann Foley

Bios and Filters: Investigation of Sand Size and Distribution of Filter Performance

Sarah Boyer
3D-Printing Metallic Oxides

Ashleigh Crawford & Maria Lancia
A Low- Cost, Point-of-Care Sickle Cell Anemia Screening Device for Use in Low Income and Middle Income Countries

Matthew Fainor
3D printing peptide-functionalized scaffolds for osteochondral regeneration

WINNER: Amanda Ferrante
Protease Identification by Combined Fluorescent Zymography and Proteomics

Andy Fugh
Community approaches for plastics recycling

Jesse Galloway & Matthew West
Smart Traffic

SECOND PLACE: Madison Gianelle
A Novel Ceramic Derived Processing Route for Multi-Principal Element Alloys

Cecile (Jelissa) Kayo Kamguem
Social Media Mining for Understanding Users' Sentiment and Informing Stakeholders

HONORABLE MENTION: Kevin (Dongmin) Kim
Integrating MMP - Cleavable Peptides for Cell - Mediated Degradation of Polymer Scaffolds

Jane Le
Recovering Rare Earth Elements from Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Ash by Electrochemical and Electrodialysis Methods

THIRD PLACE: Ngoc Minh Tri Nguyen
Learning Image Similarity Manifolds for Materials Microscopy

Nathaniel Alter, Lindsay Slavit & Anna Smith
Nathaniel Alter, Lindsay Slavit & Anna Smith
Quantification of Rish Factors in Ebola Infection