Student: Eleni Karyofylli

Project: Unified Automata-based Framework for Planning with Relaxed Specifications

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Institution: Lehigh University

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Advisor: Cristian-loan Vasile


In the last few years, robots are being used more and more to execute complicated missions that need to be completed within specific time frames and spaces. In order to program these robots, scientists and engineers lately have started utilizing automata-based approaches. They build algorithms that are created to solve issues regarding path planning aiming to discover the shortest path and the most efficient trajectory for the robot. however, most of them don’t take into account the possibility that sometimes that robot is unable to complete the assignment it has been tasked with due to an obstacle. In such cases it would be preferable that the robot partially completes its mission by using any input it has available to identify a path and reach its destination.

This paper contains an overview of a unified automata-based framework for planning with relaxed specifications. A three-way product automaton construction method is established. This product-automaton helps to calculate minimal  relaxation  policies  for  the  robots  using  shortest path algorithms and it can identify the motion, satisfaction, specification, and available relaxations of the robot. In addition to that, two case studies are given. The first one focuses on the different aspects of the framework and the second one concentrates on the runtime performance.

Eleni Karyofylli

About Eleni Karyofylli

Eleni Karyofylli is a junior at Lehigh University studying Electrical Engineering and Product Design. Karyofylli is originally from Thessaloniki, Greece and moved to the US for her undergraduate degrees. Karyofylli made the decision to study in the States because of its better academic opportunities. Upon graduation, she aspires to work in the engineering design industry specific to electronic products. She is really interested in taking part in various aspects of the design process from brainstorming, sketching and prototyping to the creation of the product’s business model. Karyofylli's hobbies include: painting, illustrating, cooking and reading books.