Thank you to everyone for their support in the 2021 David and Lorraine Freed Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Students from Lehigh University and Lafayette College presented their research projects during an online event on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Congratulations to this year's winner, Evan Savage!

Evan, a Lafayette College senior studying Civil and Environmental Engineering, won for his research, "Fertilizer from Wastewater: Biological Enhanced Phosphorous Removal and Steps to Commercialization."



Nora Abbott, Ava Hudson Ann Foley
Nora Abbott, Ava Hudson, Ann Foley

Laboratory and Field Methods Developed for Biosand Filter Sand Characterization

Samuel Agro
Samuel Agro

Synthesis of Hybrid Outer Membrane Vesicles for Drug Delivery through Cell Membranes

Alex Ashley

Enhancing Minority Block Crystallization in Asymmetric PEO-b-PCL Copolymers

Jenna Catalano
Jenna Catalano

Characterizing Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Motility in Repsonse to the Wound Environment

Josh Centorcelli
Josh Centorcelli

In Silico Modelling of the Energy-Intensive Process to Recover Nitrogen from Agricultural Fertilizer Streams

Susan Cheng
Comparing the Properties of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Plastic Bricks to Conventional Concrete Masonry Units

Declan Coster

Data Driven Correction of Distored Images

Ryan Forelli

Real-Time Machine Learning in Scanning Probe

Zev Granowitz
Diffusion Plate Fuel Injection into Cavity Flame-Holders in Supersonic Cross-Flow

Alibek Kaliyev

Accelerated Fitting of Band-Excitation Piezorspone Force Microscopy

Eleni Karyofylli
Eleni Karyofylli

Unified Automata-based Framework for Planning with Relaxed Specifications

Hannah Knudsen

Interaction of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Synthetic Scaffolds in the Presence of Cytokines

Kenny Kwock

Fair Two-sided Spam Detection Using Machine Learning

Yanzhe Ma

Simulation of a Flexible Tow-State Markov Chain

Maria Maragkelli

Non-linear Model Predictive Control for High speed Autonomous Racing

Jack Mills

Increasing the Dynamic Range of Velocity and Temporal Resolution of Particle Image Velocimetry

Garrison Mueller
Garrison Mueller

Computational Fluid Dynamic Model

Sasha Neefe
Reevaluating Green Solvent Metrics Using End-of-Life Considerations

Amanda Rubin, Stephen Gee

The Study of 19 Biological Membrane Types using All-Atom Molecular Simulations

Evan Savage
Evan Savage
Fertilizer from Wastewater: Biological Enhanced Phosphorous Removal and Steps to Commercialization

Khaknazar Shyntassov

Drone-Based Automatic Indoors Firefighting System

Nathan Yuchimiuk

Developing Techniques to Characterize Solvent-Cast 3D Printed Scaffolds

Kristen Yusiewicz, Nick Masri
Kristen Yusiewicz, Nick Masri

Simulation and Data Analysis of Electric Transit Systems

Zhanfan (Jeremy) Yu

Trends on Predictive Control Schemes for Impedance Source Converters