Student: Jack Mills

Project: Increasing the Dynamic Range of Velocity and Temporal Resolution of Particle Image Velocimetry

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Institution: Lafayette College

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

Advisor: Toby Rossmann


Particle image velocimetry is a technique used to capture and measure the instantaneous velocity of a flow field. To further increase the dynamic range and temporal resolution of particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements, a combination of two novel PIV image processing techniques called pyramid processing and vortex-in-cell. The pyramid processing technique evaluates the PIV data at progressively larger time separations in order to capture the movement of particles traveling at progressively slower speeds. The vortex-in-cell technique increases the temporal resolution of the data by performing interpolation in between each data point through the use of a vorticity based model. This combined technique will be compared to more conventional methods of PIV data analysis using data generated by the Lafayette College Wind Tunnel as well as synthetically data generated in MATLAB. These methods will be compared by observing the behavior of the correlation maps generated by each of these techniques such as their peak height and width.

Jack Mills

About Jack Mills

John (Jack) Mills, is a senior at Lafayette College who is pursuing a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering with interests in aerospace and fluids. Starting in the spring of his junior year, he has been an undergraduate research assistant for Professor Tobias Rossmann in Lafayette College’s Laboratory for Undergraduate Combustion and Hypersonics (LAUNCH) Lab. His current research focuses on improving the evaluation of particle image velocimetry data which worked on through the following summer and eventually into his senior capstone thesis. In his spare time, he likes to keep up with the latest in technology such as computers and 3d printing. While at home in Chicago, he frequently volunteers at Misericordia, a home for those with mental disabilities.