Student: Zhanfan (Jeremy) Yu

Project: Trends on Predictive Control Schemes for Impedance Source Converters

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Institution: Lafayette College

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Advisor: Sally Sajadian


This paper presents a finite-set model predictive control (MPC) scheme for an optimized five-level inverter with only four switches for photovoltaic applications. The classical control schemes for recently developed five-level four-switch inverters are complex, multi-nested loops, and require substantial tuning effort. The proposed efficient MPC based control schemes leverages the inherent features of the MPC to optimally determine the switching states of the recently developed five-level four-switch inverters. The optimal switch selections ensure generation of five-level outputs by just optimizing a single cost function that considers all the feasible switching states by only four-switches. The simulation and preliminarily experimental results demonstrate high power quality without requirement of burdensome tuning effort. Furthermore, the proposed controller features fast dynamic response as it is depicted in the case studies.

Zhanfan (Jeremy) Yu

About Zhanfan (Jeremy) Yu

Zhanfan Yu ’21 is a senior at Lafayette College. He majors in ECE and minors in Math. He is a member of Tua Beta Pi, Kta Kappa Nu, Pi Mu Epsilon honor societies. He is interested in power electronics, control of power systems, and solar energy conversion.