Calling tomorrow's multidimensional thinkers and leaders

Throughout Lehigh's proud heritage, many of our most talented engineering students have crafted interesting and exciting futures that defy the field's boundaries -- leveraging their engineering mindset into success and contributions to broad domains such as business, academia, law, medicine, and government. To inspire engineers who seek to create their own paths, Lehigh has developed some of the most innovative and flexible programs in higher education today.

In the video below, engineering students and faculty of Lehigh's hallmark interdisciplinary program, the Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences (IDEAS), answer this simple question -- why interdisciplinary study matters:

A Tradition of Untraditional Thinking

All of Lehigh's engineering programs are designed to encourage students to think holistically about societal challenges -- we're proud that it has been a hallmark of a Lehigh education since our earliest days. Building on that legacy, Lehigh's Interdisciplinary Programs serve students who seek the intellectual and personal challenge of realizing such a convergence of perspectives: Bioengineering and religion. Finance and mechanical engineering. Manufacturing systems and international relations.

Alumni of these Interdisciplinary Programs shine in the workplace and in graduate school -- exhibiting an engineer's technical, scientific, and problem-solving acumen along with personal insight that is thoroughly and comfortably interdisciplinary.

Simply put, Lehigh's Interdisciplinary Programs produce Renaissance thinkers for the modern world.

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Interdisciplinary Programs

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Interdisciplinary Programs