At Lehigh, we strive to produce well-rounded analytical problem-solvers. Engineering is no longer a narrowly defined career path. Students need to be prepared to solve multifaceted problems while working in diverse teams in a multidisciplinary, technologically complex environment.

Because of this, all of our undergraduate programs are integrated to some degree, meaning they bridge engineering and non-engineering interests to form the basis for success. Some of our programs focus on a specific field of engineering, while some are designed to help students combine the pursuit of engineering with subjects such as business, law, medicine, the arts and other areas of science and technology.

 Engineering Majors

Across its undergraduate programs, Lehigh is committed to fostering undergraduate research—inquiry-based learning and critical thinking based upon intense, real-world problem solving. All over campus, our undergraduates are engaged in research projects that take them much further than classroom experience alone.

Another exciting facet of Lehigh’s academic environment is our groundbreaking approach to bringing “entrepreneurial thinking” to students from all majors and backgrounds. Any student considering a future in engineering should also check out the award-winning Technical Entrepreneurship (TE) program, where teams of engineering, business and design students work together to design, make and market new products for sponsors like GM, B. Braun and even NASA.

Integrated Programs: Renaissance thinking for the modern world

Did you know that one of out of every four Lehigh Engineering students is enrolled in one of our innovative Integrated Programs?

As you consider your options in Lehigh Engineering, don't forget to check out these unique and powerful courses of study.